Terry Sacka on investing in precious metals

About Terry Sacka

Terry Sacka is a private bullion dealer and chief strategist at Cornerstone Asset Metals, located in Jupiter, Florida.

About Terry SackaTerry uses his expertise, at Cornerstone Asset Metals, to devise sound strategies to help investors maximize their investment using precious metals. Unlike some of his competitors, Terry minimizes his investors’ exposure by focusing on buying the actual metals, instead of riskier alternatives, such as speculative options and future contracts. His no pressure approach puts his clients at ease and allows them to enter or exit the market as they see fit.

He also prides himself on accuracy and honesty; he’s has been quoted in Investor’s Business Daily, Americas trusted financial news source. He believes that with the valuation of the dollar going down and inflation rates unstable due to the changing economic and political climates (particularly the Middle East unrest) , investors are quickly purchasing metals, such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium as assets to hedge against this uncertainty.

Terry states that the real appeal of precious metals is that their value doesn’t fluctuate like paper currency. The value of paper currency depends largely on its perceived

The recent fiscal cliff (resolved before the start of 2013) is particularly startling to Mr. Sacka and reflects the current state of the ever plummeting dollar. He concludes that since the government is adding “$4 trillion more in debt with no real budget cuts,” and predicts that “The U.S. will continue to debase the dollar which will certainly lead to higher gold and silver prices.”

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Cornerstone Asset Metals: Precious Metals Investing

Are you worried about your investments going downhill in this economy? Have you ever thought about precious metals, real assets, to hedge your portfolio against inflationary risks? With only a small portion of your current portfolio in gold or silver you can protect your hard-earned wealth for the future.

With the debt accumulating the way it is with what’s currently going on in our economy, you can take back your wealth with gold or silver. It has been around since the dawn of time and isn’t going anywhere. Terry Sacka believes in safe investment principles to preserve and build wealth.

One ounce of pure gold is worth more than $1700 while the dollar continues it’s decline in value. Terry guides investors through the precious metals market through Cornerstone Asset Metals so that everyday people can have representation in the metals market at a level they feel comfortable. With so much paper money being printed, Terry believes the only way to stabilize and get back to true wealth is through precious metals such as gold and silver.

You can keep your investments in a regional depository and have discreetly shipped to you. You have instant buying power and are in control when you establish an account with Terry and Cornerstone Asset Metals.